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You are a member of the largest US socialist organization in a century. 

One of nearly 100,000 dues paying members, organizing across issues and campaigns across the country. We put over a hundred socialists in local, state, and federal office, including the most well known member of congress in the country. We pass life-changing legislation keeping tens of thousands of working class tenants in their homes. We defeat titans of capital like Amazon, beat back right wing assaults on rights like abortion in entire states, and play key roles in a new wave of labor organizing nationwide. Billionaires right and center pour exponentially more money into stopping us, and often, we beat them anyway.

In just a few years, DSA has built more power for the socialist left in the US than any organization in generations. 

But now, we’re at a crossroads, with all directions leading to equally uncharted territory.

After all, when was the last time US socialists even had to think about a question like “how should we wield state power that we actually have?” Or “how should we strategically use mass media platforms that reach millions of people? (Let alone how to do so during an unprecedented ecological crisis that threatens human life itself.)

To become the movement history calls on us to be, DSA must make another leap forward on the same level we made in 2016. To make this leap, we need to answer the two fundamental questions at the heart of all organizing.

What is our goal?

And how do we win it?

These simple, constructive questions cut right to the heart of why most of us joined DSA in the first place: Not just to critique the world, but to actively transform it.

To make it to the future we’re fighting for, we must build a constructive politics that integrates the continual asking of these questions into everything we do. We must transform DSA into a truly durable organization guided by holistic, goal-oriented strategy, a party infrastructure that supports our work, and a visibly vibrant and welcoming community for anyone who shares our vision of a free, equitable, and democratic world.

Together, we will become the movement history calls on us to be. One so much greater than the sum of our many parts. Fighting together, uniting to win.