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Uniting To Win was formed by a group of DSA members who first organized together through various DSA climate campaigns, ecosocialist working groups from across the country, and the Green New Deal Campaign Committees starting in 2019.

Over the years we have played leading roles in climate, labor, and electoral campaigns at the local, state, and national level. Some key organizing accomplishments include: 

  • Starting and winning a four-year campaign to pass the Build Public Renewables Act, the biggest Green New Deal victory in US history
  • Starting and winning a precedent-setting campaign to prevent NRG’s billion dollar fracked gas plant in Queens
  • Leading the largest ever national DSA mobilization through the PRO Act, which united dozens of chapters and thousands of members in a DSA-led campaign for the first time
  • Forging new climate-labor-socialist alliances to drive national and local Green New Deal For Public Schools campaigns
  • Electing the first ever socialist legislator in Upstate New York by making DSA-written Green New Deal legislation the core election issue

Along the way, we have built member onboarding systems and led recruiting drives that sustained growth even in DSA’s fallow periods, consistently executed some of the most militant messaging strategy on the left, went to jail in highly confrontational direct actions, and tried just about every tactic imaginable in order to build our campaigns.

But most of all, we have developed a rigorous strategy process and a democratic, inclusive culture that has fueled our biggest successes, trained enthusiastic new leaders, and made DSA a rewarding place to be for new and old members alike.

We know that for DSA to be able to make our next evolutionary leap and rise to the challenges of history, we must make the entire organization a place where our members and campaigns can thrive. Now, we are organizing as a caucus—a group of aligned members who run for internal elections with a shared vision for organization—to help make it happen.